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A United States Air Force Veteran, Sean served in the Active Duty Air Force from 1999-2005 and in the Air National Guard from 2005 to 2014. While in the Air National Guard and attending college for Electrical and Computer Engineering, he met his lifelong love, Iza Reyes.

Elected in 2019 to Mebane City Council, Sean pledged to be a common-sense, bipartisan leader. He has delivered on that promise with bringing new ideas and new opportunities to Mebane, including a Development Grant program for the Historic Downtown and new jobs at United Parcel Service (UPS) as well as Lotus Bakeries (world famous for making Biskoff cookies).

Sean is ready to build on his early success and keep up the fight for the City of Mebane, he is running for re-election to Mebane City Council!

Sean and Iza at home
  • Education
  • Economy
  • Healthcare
  • Environment

Strengthening Public Schools: Sean grew up in public schools – from elementary all the way through his Electrical and Computer Engineering degree and knows that education is key to a better job, more freedom, and more opportunities. Sean is running because he was mortified to see classrooms with leaking ceilings and teachers overwork and underpaid. Sean promises to help change that.

With inflation hitting everyone, Sean will work on budget negotiations to continue to give teachers pay raises.

Sean will work on legislation to improve high-speed internet to families in rural areas. All families should have the opportunity to get online and Alamance and Randolph are no different. Children can learn more online and small North Carolina business can thrive the more we are connected.

Sean will continue to restore incentive pay for teachers who earn a masters degree in the House Budget. He’s not going to stop until it passes. 

What’s next. Sean is fighting to make good public schools available to every Alamance and Randolph County child, no matter what zip code they live in, and to make college and job training more accessible for all North Carolinians. Sean would support locking up the Education Lottery funding so politicians stop raiding it for pet projects.


Creating Good Jobs + Opportunity: Sean works in a Greensboro-based business that visits across North Carolina and has seen how politicians have forgotten about the region. It’s time to bring back good paying jobs for everyone. In 2019 when running for City Council he promised to advocate for businesses and bring more job opportunities and he’s making that happen in a big way.

And not just any job opportunities, those jobs that can train the local work force and pay good wages. We’ve got to watch out for those families already here in the Triad.

What’s next. We’ve made big strides, but today’s economy still isn’t working right. Sean will fight for an economy that works for everyone – not just those at the top. We need a tax system that rewards hard work, but also makes sure that everyone’s paying their fair share. Sean will make sure we invest in our crumbling infrastructure and strengthen transportation options, including passenger rail service through the Triad and commercial rail connectivity. He’ll help revitalize main streets across rural North Carolina with small business support and fight for a living wage for all North Carolinians. Because no one working a 40-hour week should struggle to provide for their family.


Expanding Health Care Access: Sean believes in a healthcare system that doesn’t break the bank, where everyone can afford to see a doctor and get their medications. Your heart medication, your arthritis meds, your insulin… these live-saving medicines shouldn’t break your bank.

He would support bipartisan legislation to ensure that each school is staffed by at least one full-time, permanent school nurse.

Sean would support expanding Medicaid in North Carolina too. Expansion would cover at least 10,000 more Alamance County residents and over 780 new local jobs in Alamance County. Expansion would cover at least 9,000 more Randolph County residents. He’s not going to stop until it passes. 

Sean is focused on helping our veterans too. We have got to do more for veterans in the State and deliver ways to improve services.

What’s next. Sean will continue to fight until everyone has access to affordable, quality health care no matter how much money they have. He’ll continue the battle to expand Medicaid until the job is done, which will help stabilize rural hospitals that are currently teetering on the edge and bring care to thousands more low-income people.


Protecting Our Environment: Sean will promise to stand up for our environment and clean energy opportunities from coast to coast. He knows we need to tackle climate change head-on, transition to a clean energy economy, and protect our communities from the rapidly increasing impacts of hurricanes and floods. Transitioning and supporting Electric Vehicle technologies will keep jobs here in North Carolina. Energy generation would be in North Carolina, Energy Storage would be in North Carolina, and he looks forward to bringing more Electric Vehicle production opportunities to North Carolina.

He would oppose Duke Energy’s attempt to hike consumer rates.

Sean would support legislation to require reductions in energy and water consumption in public buildings by 2028.

What’s next. Sean will be an environmental champion in the State Senate. He’ll continue standing up for our environment and clean energy investments because keeping our environment pristine is good for our state, our economy, our people, and our future. That includes cleaning waterways of harmful chemicals like GenX, attracting and encouraging electric vehicle technology businesses, and taking steps to proactively combat climate change using the money recently allocated in the state budget.

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